We’re here to help you find your potential marriage partner

In a controlled and halal environment without compromising Islamic values

Soul Seekers has been created to cater for the needs of single brothers and sisters. With our busy life styles and the lack of suitable marriage channels, Soul Seekers aims to bring together like-minded brothers and sisters who want to find their other half in a Sharia compliant manner and not waste time with dating.

Finding the right marriage partner is one of the greatest challenges we face today. If you find the right spouse, marriage can be one of the greatest experiences of your life and if you find the wrong partner it could mean Hell on earth.

Soul Seekers primary focus is to help identify potential marriage partners in a controlled and halal environment without compromising Islamic values and encouraging free mixing.

Our process is simple:


Enter your details and submit your profile

Complete registration by making payment


A facilitator will do the intros

Participate in the facilitation ceremony

Read the profiles of attendees


If there is a 100% match we will arrange a 1 to 1 interview

After the interview we will notify you of the outcome

Please note:

Soul Seekers is not a dating service

All data will be kept strictly confidential

No personal information will be exchanged

Wali’s, Mahrams and family members are welcome to attend

For further information on how to register for Soul Seekers email us at soulseekers@marriageqa.com or click on the registration button.


Soul Seekers


3 September 2016

Tickets from $35.00

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Soul Seekers


4 September 2016

Tickets from $35.00

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